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Veetle Broadcaster Plugin 0.9

Veetle is a browser´s add-on needed to watch Veetle´s streaming media
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Veetle, Inc

Veetle is a browser´s add-on needed to be able to watch Veetle´s streaming media.
Veetle is a peer to peer video distribution system. By visiting its site you can watch live HD streaming content that the members of this community host in their own computers. If you want, you can join this community and, through a special program, broadcast your own content.

The plug-in will integrate itself into your Internet Explorer or Firefox browser. It will display some controls that you can use to modify the way in which it shows videos. There is a progress indicator that shows the playing time. Remember, you are not viewing a recorded video, but a live broadcast, so you will not be able to rewind or forward the video you are watching. You can put up or down the volume, and modify the aspect ratio. Clicking twice on the video window or selecting the appropriate button will change the display to full screen. There is button, labeled "Lights", that will fade out everything but the video window. You can also expand the screen size without going to full screen.

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